About Us

Huard Marble and Tile; a boutique tile and stone installation company, humbly began in 1992 when a young BC born and raised Owen Huard discovered the art of tile and stone installation. Having apprenticed under the skilled hand of an experienced journeyman, his passion to achieve perfection and go above and beyond customer expectations drew much attention within the industry. One by one, Owen was joined by other setters who desired to deliver the same high standard of service. Since then, the company is proud to employ amongst the best in the industry. For this reason referrals have primarily been the advertisement for Huard Marble and Tile. For this we wish to sincerely thank our loyal customers who’ve made this journey possible. Our goal as a team is to sustain the high level of quality we have come to be known for and continue to further educate our team propelling them to find ever more ways to deliver pure excellence.

combining design with function