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Good Morning, When looking recently for a company to install new tile in our condominium, from your website we selected Huard Marble and Tile in Vancouver. We have found them to be an excellent company. The quality of workmanship was top-notch and we couldn’t be more pleased with both the experience and the result.

Our project brought with it the usual challenges associated with a non-new-build - working within a fully furnished somewhat tight space, compliance with building regulations, etc. As well, our hallway/entrance way area presented an additional challenge because of its unusual shape. The design they came up with was perfect and the result is a space that is both unique and stunning in its simplicity.

However, from our perspective, what sets this company apart is their concept of service.

There were five people who contributed to the completion of our project. They were all well-trained and although they all contributed in different ways, there was a common thread of service that could be seen in all of them. They were all service-oriented. They were not only dedicated to doing a good job, they were dedicated to serving the customer. Some examples:
  • They were always on time or called to notify of an advanced start-time.
  • They kept in constant communication with us.
  • The kept us appraised of what they were doing each day.
  • They prepared us for any potential complications.
  • They listened and communicated well.
  • Once they started the job, they continued until it was finished. While they may have had some workers working at other locations they made us feel like our job was important to them and they would not compromise that by sharing their time and workers with another job that might interfere with that.
  • They kept in contact with the building custodian and they complied with the condominium regulations concerning construction work. The custodian once mentioned to us that the workers from Huard were “very professional”.
  • They tidied up at the end of each day, taking care to keep machinery and tools out of passage ways.
  • They made themselves available for anything we wanted to know or have done.
  • They recommended a carpenter to do some separate work.
  • They agreed to do one extra floor-related job that they were not obliged to do because they knew it mattered to us.
In summary, the people they serve are as important to them as the installation of the material.

In closing, we would like to mention and thank Randy Walters, the manager of our project. We can’t imagine a more qualified person in every way. He often came to keep tabs on the project and to give directions to the young men as to exactly what he wanted them to do. Even when he wasn’t here, we always had the feeling that he was right on top of everything. He scheduled the workmen and made sure they were available when they were needed. He and all the workmen he sent were extremely nice to work with.

Here is an example of the quality of service that he sets for himself and those he leads:

Near the end of our project, we had a few loose-ends we asked him about via email. He responded saying that he would be along at 8 am the following morning to help us with them. He could have simply answered our queries by return email, but instead, he set aside time and came to see us in person. While here, he assisted a man to complete what was needed and to answer our questions.

My last recollection of Randy is of him standing in the hall, looking up on his I-phone the email we sent him to check and make sure that he had tied up all the loose ends. Randy probably thinks this was nothing out of the ordinary. However, we would like him to know that this kind of service does not go un-noticed and is much appreciated.

Yours truly,

Amy & Brian (November 25th, 2016)

I was very pleased with the results of the cleaning and sealing: all of you were so professional, and listened to my concerns with empathy and intelligence. I haven't dealt with such a nice group of people in a long time!!

Gail (August 12th, 2016)

Ryland and Kalvin who did the repair were very organized, efficient and lovely to deal with. They both kept me informed as to when the job was going to get done and were exemplary in their customer service. You are very lucky to have two terrific employees like these two…..very rarely does one get such great customer service… thank you and keep up the good work. And know that I would recommend your company in an instant!


Wendy (July 15th, 2016)

Please allow me to tell you how much I enjoyed Martin and his kind, accommodating demeanor. He did a wonderful job, with great attention to detail. He also cleaned up perfectly which was a big help to me. I’d like if you would pass my comments along to his manager, and to him. I will recommend Huard to my friends for the great service from your entire team.

I hope you all have a lovely week,

Deborah (March 3, 2016)

Huard did a great job refinishing my dark grey limestone counter. I had called a countertop sales company and they said it couldn't be done! Huard were able to get rid of the numerous white etch marks, and perfectly repair a big chip. The stone looks beautiful again and we are left wondering why we didn't find them sooner. Liquids now stay on the surface instead of instantly soaking in. There was surprisingly little mess due to their wet sanding techniques. I'm convinced that such a fine looking countertop (rather than a shabby looking one) was a factor in the quick sale of our home.

Angela (April 30, 2015)

We had engineered stone installed in our kitchen and were happy with it except for several 'spots'. Our installers were excellent and tried numerous times to remove the spots, but with no success. The last attempt made left even bigger spots that I truly believed would never be removed. I thought the only answer would be to replace the counters which I really didn't want to do. Anyhow, your technician was excellent and he was able to remove the damage and leave the surface sparkling as it should! He was very professional and extremely careful about protecting the surrounding area around my island by putting protective cloths on the floor and covering the cabinets and appliances with plastic.

I am very happy with the results of your work in my home.

Thank you Huard Marble!

Sue Unger

As a kitchen designer it is very hard for me to find trades that provide quality work and excellent service. Until now that is. I had a project where there was a spot on a very volatile style of quartz, I sent a stone fabricator to try and repair the stone and etc, after a few attempts we just couldn't get it to restore. Just when I thought we had no hope, I found Huard Marble. From the first conversation to the actual work, I was very impressed by their customer service and their quality work. Andrew and Randy provided me with a lot of reassurance during our conversation and Kal was unbelievable with his dedication to repairing the stone. You don't often come across someone with that much dedication in providing quality work. Even my client was amazed by his service she voiced her satisfaction numerous times to me. I am very happy with the team at Haurd Marble. I will continue to use them in the future for all my projects.

Thank you for all your hard work.


I rely on Huard Marble to perform necessary repairs and service to support our Caesarstone surfaces. Huard Marble is reliable, honest and has excellent customer service. I recommend their services and the quality of their work.

Deano Pellegrino
Caesarstone British Columbia Branch Manager

I recommend Huard Marble & Tile without reservation as being a totally trustworthy, meticulous and professional company.

They take the business of installation and follow-up maintenance equally seriously -- and are passionate about delivering the best possible job, with 100% attention to detail.


Maintenance division - The team at Huard Marble & Tile have really come full circle with their division of maintenance and repair to stone work all over this city and beyond. At Bordignon there is nothing more important than the quality workmanship and the long term needs our clients require. I highly recommend using Huard’s team as they are passionate in finding effective solutions at every opportunity.

Franco Bordignon
1670 West 5th Avenue
Vancouver BC Canada V6J 1N8

Installation division - When it comes to installation of stone slab work there is no one else we would rather work with than Owen Huard’s team. Bordignon believe the key to precision installation is preparation, Huard Marble & Tile are really one step ahead at executing exactly that. Design & architecture is constantly evolving and by educating their team in the classroom and on the field Huard Marble & Tile evolve with it. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the team for many years of hard work in “doing it right”, something Bordignon deems most important. We highly recommend Huard Marble & Tile for their constant effort to exceed expectations.

Franco Bordignon
1670 West 5th Avenue
Vancouver BC Canada V6J 1N8

Thanks for coordinating and completing the tile work at our home on Friday. It turns out that the guys did not need to come back on Saturday.

It is refreshing to deal with a trade that is consistently on time and has high standards – the result is a million times better than the work that was done initially, even ignoring the specific scratches and other defects that ultimately led to the work being completed. I was over at one of our neighbour’s yesterday and the before and after is remarkable.

I hope that we don’t need to have you back too soon but I am sure we’ll be talking again in the future as needs arise.

Thanks again!

Adam Dlin | Clark Wilson LLP

I am very pleased having been referred to Huard for tile restoration work in several washrooms in my home. Randy Olson came by to have a look, attending just a few days later with Kalvin & Riki who, over the past two days, did a whole lot of skillful maintenance & preventative maintenance at various sinks & showers. I was very pleased with their appearance and the courtesy & professionalism that they accorded my wife and me. These hard working & skilled Huard employees came when they said they would, did what they promised to deliver, completed the job neat & tidy on time & within budget. I would not hesitate to use Huard's services again, & I gladly recommend them to others. In fact, I plan to have Randy & his crew back again early in March in order to hone, clean & reseal our lovely foyer tiles which, Randy pointed out to me, were looking rather tired & sad.

Thanks, Huard, for doing such a great job! (While you were only here two days back, I wish to advise that your cheque is already in the mail! LOL)

HG in Vancouver

We have been clients of Huard Tile for over 8 years. They were instrumental in our major renovation for our award winning kitchen. Since then, we have used them for regular maintenance and repair.

The staff is very professional, provide a high caliber of work and listen to their clients requirements.

Lori & Bob Hodgkinson

I would like to pass on a HUGE thank you to you and your team at Huard Marble & Tile. Over the past several months we’ve had numerous tradesmen in our place and your team far surpassed them all... by a long shot! The service we received was nothing short of excellent. The credit for this should certainly go to yourself and your team who were extremely efficient, thorough, and helpful and deserve recognition. The quality of your service and professionalism were of the highest level, without question.

We will definitely recommend your company without hesitation and look forward to doing business again in the future.

Many thanks!!
Melissa Kidd

I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for having a wonderful new floor. I was fortunate to pick the right company, you sent the right men, and they laid the right tile.

Thank you for sending courteous and caring tile installation men. Frankly I don't know how Randy and Demetrio managed to not mark up the kitchen cupboards or to keep the wood floor free from damage. Randy is very talented and meticulous in his workmanship and the resulting floor is lovely. Instead of my being overwhelmed with the tile removal dust, I found these gentlemen cleaned up the work area and left it in good shape.

I would be pleased to recommend their workmanship and committed attention to detail to any prospective customer.

Clair Gamblin

This past year we required some repair work on my mother's kitchen counter top. We suspected the job would be a tricky undertaking as a 2 foot area of the counter at one end had actually separated from its wood base & was slowly "rising"! We had delayed doing the job for months!

When I left my message at Huard Marble I expected a long wait before hearing back but I was pleasantly surprised! Not only did they respond to my call within a few hours but the appointment to look at our job was scheduled for a few days later. The serviceman not only called me on his way through traffic, but also arrived right on time! (unheard of these days!!) After looking over the situation thoroughly, he set up an appointment to do the repair within a week. The job was not easy as it also required a portion of the counter to be slowly heated as well as being clamped down at one end. The work was completed carefully & very thoroughly and the serviceman was most professional & cheerful. We were all absolutely delighted with the results and my mum resumed her baking......rolling out pastry on a flat surface once again!

I told the folks at Huard Marble that I wanted a few of their business cards because I will be highly recommending their services!! They were top notch with great attitudes & communication skills that are rare today!! Thank you again gang!

Lynne Lumb (work done for Pat Barlow)

It gives me great pleasure to write this letter of recommendation. We discovered a repair that needed to be addressed and reached out to our original installer, who seemed to be too busy to want to bother helping a client with a problem. A dear friend living on Pt. Grey Road in a home with a significant amount of beautiful stonework, recommended Andrew. She spoke very highly about his competence and level of professionalism. That was certainly good enough for me. I reached out to Andrew, and he was a pleasure to work with, from making the appointment through to completion of the job. There were no surprises working with Huard Marble. Andrew arrived at the appointment at the scheduled time, clearly explained the nature of the repair, and did the work very professionally. The job involved 2 site visits, and each time the area was left spotless. At the completion of the job, the repair was difficult to detect, and looked almost better than the original! In summary, I would use Huard Marble on any future job needs in my home and refer Andrew without hesitation.

S. Ray, Vancouver BC

Andrew at Huard Marble was referred to us by a reputable tradesman in the Vancouver area for his expertise in Corian installations and repair.

A technical repair was required to a hairline crack in a large Corian bench top onboard the yachts aft bench top. As the quality in these large luxury yachts finish has to be flawless I was nervous that it may be visible or re-occur after the repair. Andrew exceeded both mine and the owners expectations by not only repairing the hairline crack to perfection but fixing the edges to smooth uniform finish. We were that happy with the work we asked Andrew to treat some of the stains on the granite bench tops in the yachts interior. Again he went above and beyond and recommended a honing procedure to change the finish from Gloss to Matte. We went with it and it looked fantastic. I could not speak higher of Andrew, Kal and the staff at Huard Marble for their professionalism and friendly customer service.

I look forward to working with Huard Marble again and recommending them to other luxury yachts that visit Vancouver.

Matthew Martin
Chief engineer, M/Y Komokwa
Owner: Bay-assist Marine Group

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